1. The design agency

Le Blender Design works mainly with people who are passionate about their business and have strong values ​​but do not know how to translate them into the overall image of their company.


The ideas are there, like aiming to create something clean, elegant, lively, professional. We are here to accelerate your understanding, solidify, make sense of, create or put some order into your visual identity, which has a lot of potential but is simply not on point! You can also read our VALUES and MANIFESTO section to find out more.


Our particularities: Quickly identify your project, your personality, your values ​​to create a coherent, rich and deep visual representation.

2. Brand image and visual identity

Of course, we can work together for 1 day to clear, take stock and lay the first milestones of your new corporate / brand communication.

Once your needs have been studied, we offer you trend boards that provide the key elements / strengths of your visual identity + novelties that we can validate together. The goal is to work together to pin down or find a design that is practical, professional, and modern.

A brand image is worked on in depth, it involves several working sessions together to define the strong axes of your corporate image, your vision, your values ​​attached to them. A visual identity is the graphic (visual) consistency existing between each of your media (print / web). We always work on a visual identity in the spirit of the brand because it brings more richness and meaning to your final image.

Yes, as soon as the quote is signed, we will send you your connection link to a platform that outlines the details of the project. Everything is planned in the process: from the specifications, to the Brand Document and your inspiration board, you just have to follow it step by step! We aim to move forward together for the creation of your Logo / Brand so your investment is therefore necessary.

Is it possible to make only a logo? Yes, this process takes the same direction like the brand creation (except in the case of a slight change). The idea is still to work together on all communication media to guarantee continuity on your multiple communication channels.

It's perfect ! In this case we can start;) It is important to know that the Logo Design and branding process will bring light to your ideas.

We have a tracking and storage platform for our exchanges. As soon as the signature is signed, a clear process is put in place: working documents, specifications, brand document, several stages in duo (branding, logo, social networks ...). Many graphic designers limit exchanges to 2 rounds of revisions. This is not our case. The job is done neatly so that it suits you 100%. In the event that a big change happens situation (sudden change of opinion or name), we invoice at the hourly rate.

The logo and its variations are provided in Print (PDF, EPS) and Web (PNG, JPG) formats. Each version is available in color, black and white. Documents such as the summary of the visual identity and the graphic charter are sent in PDF format. The other supports are delivered in .jpeg, .png or .pdf with crop marks depending on your use.

No, the source files are not included in the quote because they are subject to intellectual property. We deliver the finished products for your communication. However, if you want the source files, an amendment to the contract will be created in order to invoice them.

3. Redesign in 1 day

The « Redesign in 1 day » is a specific offer for companies wishing to refresh their image on social networks in an accelerated way. It's about taking charge of your publications, your image and training yourself at the same time! More information by emailing us.

This offer is applicable to all VSE-SME, independent companies, who want to make themselves visible on social networks (in redesign or creation), to train and have an image that resembles them without building a gas plant! Training and intervention are completely funded with the CPF or OPCO. More information by emailing us.

4. Social media

LBD is there to advise and help you build a harmonious Feed that suits you.

Yes, social networks are very popular these days and in a few seconds you can get a clear idea of ​​your activity. The redesign pack in 1 day takes in this direction: an update on your visual identity, a simple and coherent redesign on the graphic side + installation so you can manage independently. All to boost and improve your Instagram-Facebook-Linkedin publications.

5. Calendar

We can go from 1 day to 6 weeks depending on your visual identity projects.

6. Budget and invoicing

Investing in your business in order to have an image that suits you means that after that, you will have no doubts about the design part. The strategic process followed together allows you to gain clarity in your choices, your business language, to rely on your image to better reach your customers. Our goal is for it to be like a second skin, to support you in your development in terms of customers, business, etc.

We mainly work with small businesses. We also have a training number which can be a significant financial source that is already available! Our clients know that investing in their communication is a long-term investment that helps them stand out and grow.

The quote is taken into account when paying a deposit ranging from 30 to 50%. Then the balance is paid upon delivery.

Of course, all these points are defined together when creating the quote.

7. Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us at, we will be happy to answer you.

Le Blender Design helps you modernize your visual identity.

Based in France and works internationally


Le Blender Design helps you

modernize your visual identity.

Based in France and works internationally


Le Blender Design helps you

modernize your visual identity.

Based in France and works internationally